What is a VIP private sale ?

Would you like to sell a maximum of vehicles in a minimum of time ?

We organize in your car dealership an exceptional automotive private sale: a VIP’s sale. A unique event only open by invitation and a VIP entry pass, exclusive advantages and offers for your customers, a screenwriting: that is the recipe of success for a guaranteed outcome.

Music, red carpet, lighting, black curtains, stars silhouettes, VIP entry pass…We are transforming your inside and outside’s show-room in order to put your customers in the universe of Cannes festival.

Do you have a date ? We are ready to meet you, please contact us.


Increase your sales

Obtain in 3 days between 8 and 12% of your annual sales volume.

Sell off your stock

Take the opportunity of the event to move out until 85% of your stock.

Retain your customers

Let this exceptional moment becomes a unique, convivial and privileged moment.

Strengthen your notoriety

Create the event and offer to your customers an unforgettable and fantastic sale experience.

Steps of the realisation


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A dedicated team to your project

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Project coordinator




Call center agents


Hostesses and valets staff

Our commitment

  • Flexibility Solution made on measure, according to the size of your contract.
  • Reactivity Organization of an event under minimum 30 days minimum.
  • Training plan Training of your sellers to the technics of event’s sale.
  • Globale service Creation and shipping of invitations, call centers, organization of the event.
  • Proximity Permanent exchange between the dealer and the project manager.
  • Accompaniment Presence of the hostesses and valets.

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Who are we ?

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Specialized in commercial development, UpYourBizz offers strategic solutions to the automotive industry. Passionate, curious, creative and source of proposals, the team is composed by multi-disciplinary talents.

Our team is composed by a winning talents combination and multidisciplinary know how.

Events managements: Events manager, trainers, call centers and commercial animators.

A team of business consultant specialist in their expertise field are studying, answering to your needs and are insuring the following of your business transactions.

Engagement : the engagement of the achievement of your communication goals, the engagement to anticipate your needs and more than ever, the human engagement of our professional team on your side.

Reactivity : Your budgetary and timing constraints evolve and are always more urgent, we are giving a lot of importance to react to your demands as soon as possible.

Flexibility : Communication is not an exact science, we are conscious of your constraints and imperatives, your comments and corrections are always welcome.

Transparency : We attach a particular importance to communicate a perfect transparency to budgets that will match our deliveries. Thus, you have for each operation a clear and detailed vision.

Trust : Our relationships with our customers, considered as truly partners, are based on trust: trust on competency of our teams, trust on services invoiced and trust on reliability on deadline.

Listen, recommend, generate and accompany, that is our approach.

Our agency proceed to a detailed and global analysis of your project. We are meeting you in your office to obtain the best vision of your structure and their requirements. Source of proposals, we are offering you an adapted solution to your goals.

Your project is studied, analyzed and budgeted under 7 days.

We are having a politic of regular contacts and the agency acts in all transparency in the realization of your projects. Your sales consultant and your project manager are listening to you. Each of our accompaniments are adjusting to your requirements.

We will keep in touch after your project launching and we are assuring that we achieve the goals we have set.